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Thomas Chambers and Sons are an established company that have been supplying office furniture and bespoke reception desks for the last 23 years.

We welcome all types of specialist designs using glass, wood veneer, metal, M F C, Laminates, Corian

Thomas Chambers and Sons has been involved in a variety of specialist projects, providing customers with unique and tailored made reception desks and bespoke office furniture.

Some Examples of products we have produced:

  • Solid Surface Reception desks .
  • Storage / bookcase`s for a University library.
  • Bespoke Boardroom tables.
  • Solid Surface Natural stone work tops for working environments.
  • Car and estate agents sales desks.
  • Bespoke office furniture

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Thomas Chambers & Sons

We Love A Challange

Many of our clients come to us with a problematic space which is difficult to furnish. We've helped many clients achieve a suitable workspace in a variety of hard to furnish areas.

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